Professional Science and Masters program (PSM) in Developmental and Applied Chemistry

PSM Degree Concentration Requirements:

This concentration requires 28 hours of course work and 5 credits of project research. Of the 33 credit hours of course work, at least 17 credits must be at the 700 level. The advisor, the Industrial co-advisor, and student select a mutual project of interest. All PSM students are required to defend their findings in a public seminar and submit a final report on their project.


  1. Required Courses (13 cr.) selected from
    • CHEM 743       Chemical Thermodynamics
    • CHEM 711       Structural Inorganic Chemistry
    • CHEM 732       Advanced Analytical Chemistry
    • CHEM 722       Advanced Organic Chemistry
    • CHEM 701       Seminar
  2. Electives (6 cr.)
    • The student may select electives from the chemistry courses below or from 600 or 700 level courses in physics, biology, or mathematics, chemical engineering.
    • CHEM 641     Instrumentation of the Modern Scientist
    • CHEM 651     General  Biochemistry
    • CHEM 642     Techniques in X-Ray Crystallography
    • CHEM 772     Chemistry Industry Survey (NEW COURSE)
  3. Professional Development Courses (9 credit)
    • The student,  with the advice and approval of the advisor, is required to complete a minimum of nine semester hours of non-science graduate-level courses from the School of Business and Economics.
  4. Research Experience and Internship  (5 cr.)
    • CHEM 770 PSM Research Project  (NEW COURSE)
    • The PSM coordinator provides guidance in exploring the project site and securing a project with an industry supervisor. The internship may be completed, in whole or       in part, in residence at the University.