College of Science and Technology

Graduate Program


We are happy that you are considering applying to our graduate program and continuing your education in chemistry. We have a strong and vibrant graduate program covering all areas of chemistry. The small faculty-to-graduate student ratio guarantees that students will have unmatched access to their advisors. The Graduate Program in Chemistry has the objective of providing experimental and theoretical training for students pursuing the M.S. in Chemistry and M.A.T. Chemistry.

Students from other departments such as the Energy and Environmental Systems and Nanoscience and Nanoengineering Ph.D. programs are also advised by our faculty. The Department is housed in a world-class building with smart classrooms for teaching and research. The New Science Building contains all of the major scientfic instruments, which are ideal to conduct cutting-edge research. Please read statements from some of our recent graduates regarding their experience in attending the in the department.


A. General Departmental Requirements. General requirements for admission are stated on the Graduate School website. Once accepted to the Chemistry Dept. graduate program, the following requirements need to be fulfilled.

i) Selection of a Research Advisor. Research advisor assignments are made during the second semester after completing the advisor selection process. The selection process consists of one-on-one interviews with potential advisors, and submission of the Advisor Selection Form.

ii) Each student is required to meet individually with at least three professors in order to discuss potential research projects. Students are encouraged to schedule these one-on-one meetings at a suitable time once the semester commences.

B. During the 2nd semester, a student is expected to complete the choice of his/her advisor and advisory committee and submit a signed Plan of Work (POW) to the Graduate School.

C. Appointment of a Research Advisory Committee. Committees are composed of Graduate faculty members from the Chemistry Dept. as well as from other Departments on campus if appropriate. Students are encouraged to discuss the composition of their committee with their advisor. For the Masters (M.S.) program, students should select two faculty members in addition to their advisor to form a 3-person Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee will serve to advise the student and evaluate the preliminary and final examinations. The first action of the Committee will be to approve the Plan of Work.

D. Plan of Work. The plan of work should be completed and submitted by the end of the 2nd semester.

Formal coursework: The Chemistry Dept. requires 17 credit hours of 700-level coursework in Chemistry.