Pre-K-12 Education

Welcome to N.C. A&T’s Pre-K-12 education programs, where we are dedicated to nurturing young minds from early childhood through high school. Our comprehensive approach to education is designed to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century.

  • Aggie Academy -  Aggie Academy is a public, free lab school serving grades 3-5 in Guilford County, North Carolina. Aggie Academy primarily serves students who live in East Greensboro, in partnership with Guilford County Schools, which provides transportation, meals and support services. 
  • A&T Four Middle College -  The Middle College at NC A&T staff and students will establish a community environment that fosters proficient learners that are able to display effective skills to become productive citizens and lifelong learners for the 21st Century
  • STEM Early College - The STEM Early College employs a real-world and problem-based method to help students develop critical and unique thinking skills. A key point of the STEM experience is participation in the Capstone research project during the freshman and sophomore years. Students engage in the engineering design process to develop and test different ideas and solutions to problems facing engineers in today's world. It is a particular focus at STEM to look at sustainability.