College of Engineering

Grand Challenges Scholars Program

The College of Engineering Grand Challenges Scholars Program (GCSP@NCAT) is a co- and extra-curricular program that provides undergraduate engineering and computer science majors the opportunity to build a globally focused skill set that distinguishes them as scholars in their respective field of study. GCSP@NCAT requires participants to maintain a sustained focus on a grand challenge of choice, while participating in activities towards the completion of five program competencies:

Talent. Students elect to participate in traditional undergraduate research experiences, capstone projects, or other creative works that provide innovative solutions to global issues. Research experiences are led by COE faculty in Healthcare, Water and Environment, Energy, Security, Education and Discovery, and Urban Infrastructure.

Entrepreneurship and business model. Students engage in a broad array of activities and courses designed to promote entrepreneurship and innovation.

Multidisciplinary. Students explore common solutions to our emerging global society through interdisciplinary collaboration.

Multicultural. Students expand their cultural literacy through the exploration of cultures and their historical influences on behaviors, beliefs and human interactions in a transcultural world.

Social Consciousness. Students will build upon NCA&T’s rich legacy of community engagement, and civil rights activism through activities designed to deepen participants’ understanding of their role in addressing today’s societal issues. .

Program Benefits

  • Participants develop a portfolio of experiences that can be leveraged for future academic or career endeavors.
  • Participants are able to network with other GC Scholars.
  • Financial support is available for travel to present at research symposiums, attend conferences, participate in GCSP competitions, and engage in GCSP-themed study abroad experiences.
  • Graduating seniors receive recognition from the College of Engineering and the National Academies of Engineering.

Program Expectations

Selected participants must develop and complete an Activity Development Plan that details proposed activities related to their selected Grand Challenge. Participants must complete and document participation in a minimum of two activities for each competency each year of participation. The Director will recommend Scholar designation upon review of activities as proposed in the Activity Development Plan, other GCSP related activities, and the level of active engagement in GCSP@NCAT programmatic offerings.

Eligibility and Application Process

Interested students must be a full time engineering or computer science major, with a minimumcumulative GPA of 2.5, and have documented support of a faculty mentor. Applications must be submitted electronically GCSP Application that includes a one-page essay, and one recommendation letter from a faculty mentor. Incomplete applications are not accepted. The GCSP Director will notify students via email.

Contact Information

Dr. Marcia F. Williams
Director Special Academic Programs
Phone: 336-285-2651