Willie A. Deese College of Business and Economics


BISA MAJORS GUIDE - It is critical for students to know where to find information needed when they need it.  The BISA Majors Guide includes important information in many areas where students have frequent questions (advising, registration, departmental policies, important contacts, etc.). This and your curriculum guide will be the two primary documents you will use throughout your matriculation at NC A&T State University.

IT ELECTIVES LIST FOR BUSINESS IT MAJORS - Please be mindful of the electives that you choose so that they provide you with concrete technology skills which can be listed on your resume.

BISA - Business IT TRANSFER GUIDE - If you wish to take transfer classes at another institution and have them transfer to NC A&T for the Business IT program, please refer to this guide.  You must discuss this with the BISA department chair and complete the Permission to Take Classes at Another Institution form so that the transfer will be accepted at NCAT.  The BISA department chairperson can provide the form to you. Additional links for the Office of Transfer Admissions are listed in the BISA Majors Guide.

COURSE PREFIX CHANGES (starting Fall 2020) - This list shows the changes to prefixes for courses such as BUED, MGMT, BTEC, and BUAN which were effective Fall 2020. BTEC and BUAN prefixes replaced BUED and some MGMT prefixes.