College of Education

Academic Success

Our goal is to assist with academic success and retention of students enrolled in our undergraduate program, Elementary Education.  To assist in retaining and graduating high caliber students from the College of Education, we provide students with information that connects them to on-campus resources such as the tutorial programs with the Center for Academic Excellence, career development through the university’s Office of Career Services, academic and personal counseling through the university’s Counseling Services Office, and other pertinent student information that is associated with the collegiate experience.

We assist students with developing adequate study strategies and time management skills needed for balancing the collegiate social and academic experience.  Below are links to the aforementioned services and a brief description of some of the services that each unit provides to students. Additionally, you will find information pertaining to workshop dates and upcoming events occurring in the College of Education.


The College of Education awards scholarships each year to incoming freshman and continuing students. These scholarship funds are gifts from alumni and supporters of the College of Education. Please use the link below to complete the College of Education Scholarship Application.

College of Education Scholarship Form

Student Resources

The Student Success Workshops are designed to help students with study strategies and time management.  The workshops will help students by teaching ways in which they can improve their study skills.  The information covered in the workshop includes: teaching effective ways to outline and map course content, helping students develop weekly/monthly study schedules, teaching students how to approach professors with concerns and questions related to class, and providing students with information pertaining to developing a healthy work-life balance. The student success workshops are held twice per semester. 

Are student success workshops important?

Many students enter college believing that their study habits from high school will be sufficient for the rigors of college.  Even when students struggle academically for several semesters, many still employ the same study strategies, and hope for different results.  Some ineffective strategies include: procrastination, unstructured study habits, fear of approaching professors with questions, an inadequate academic plan, and ineffective time management.  The student success workshops are centered on assisting students with the aforementioned ineffective strategies, and helping students address each of these obstacles. With effective planning and structure, most students have the ability to succeed. The workshops are fashioned to support students in reaching their success level.

Do you really need time management skills?
Time management is an important skill to have or to develop in order for students to be successful in college and in their careers. Understanding how to effectively manage one’s time will help students become successful in many aspects of their collegiate lives.  Since the full collegiate experience involves an array of activities in addition to academic work, it becomes imperative for students to become skilled at prioritizing and organizing tasks.

For example, a student could have a 10 page paper, a test, a quiz, and 3 homework assignments due the same week.  Additionally, s/he may be a part of a school organization/club that has weekly meetings, and s/he may work 20 hours per week.  Time management for this student would be critically important for her/him to accomplish each task successfully.  The time management portion of the workshop is designed to help students “See the Big Picture” as it relates to accomplishing tasks and assessing task importance.

Academic advising is a critical part of student success.  Each college of education student is assigned a departmental advisor who is responsible for guiding students by using the appropriate curriculum for sports science and fitness management and elementary education majors. 

The Coordinator of Student Services provides supplemental support to students’ departmental advisors.  The Office of Student Services is a secondary resource for academic information; thus students may be required to consult with other faculty and/or staff members to address all of the student’s concerns.

 Do you need to make an appointment?

Students are welcome to walk-in and speak with a Student Services member. We are available Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm.  Appointments are encouraged for students needing help with the following:

  • Assistance with study strategies
  • Probation or Suspension
  • Time management strategies
  • GPA calculations and overview of one’s academic transcript
  • Praxis Core concerns


New student orientation is a university-wide student event designed to introduce students to the Aggie community.  The student support services office is responsible for assisting College of Education students with new student orientation.  New student orientation occurs in the summer months of June, July and August.  For more information about dates and times, please visit the university’s Office of New Student Programs.