MSA Degree Program

The MSA degree is designed for individuals seeking their first master’s degree. It is 30 credit hours, which requires 18 hours in the major (6 content courses), and 12 hours in a field‐based, full‐time internship and seminar that is completed in 24 months. The fieldbased internship MUST be completed during the fall and spring semesters. Candidates can transfer up to 6 hours (2 classes) into the program toward the required credit hours. This track is typically completed in 16-24 months depending on semester enrollment. Candidates who enroll in full‐time study (9 credit hours during each semester) are eligible for the DPI stipend. This stipend offers candidates a paid stipend during the internship. 

MSA 765 School Finance MSA 770 Action Research for School Administration MSAL 784Internship Supervision I MSAL 785Internship Supervision II
MSA 774 Curriculum Leadership & Assessment MSA 771 Diversity Issues and Community Relations MSAL 789Internship Seminar I MSAL 792Internship Seminar II
MSA 778 School Principalship MSA 776 Educational Law    
9 Hours 9 Hours 6-9 Hours (9 Hours for Stipend) 9 Hours (9 Hours for Stipend)


*During Internship Supervision II all students must take the School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA). Candidate must complete the SLLA and earn a minimum score of 163