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EPP Continuous Improvement  

Administrators and faculty of the College of Education’s Educator Preparation Program are committed to the collection, analysis, and dissemination of candidate performance data for improving instruction, curricula, and policy that inform candidate preparation. To that end, the EPP annually reports impact and outcome data consistent with CAEP accreditation standards. The information highlights the various data sets Educator Preparation Program administrators and faculty collect, review, and discuss for program improvement. 

2021 CAEP Annual Report

2020 CAEP Annual Report

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Candidates Performance Data

Program Areas and Levels Offered

North Carolina A&T licenses candidates through state-approved bachelor's programs and graduate programs. One of the graduate programs is a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), which   includes 12 different content areas. The unit also offers two add-on licensure tracks at the undergraduate level and two add-on licensure tracks at the graduate level. Elementary Mathematics (Grades K-6) and Special Education: General Curriculum are the two add-on areas at the undergraduate level; while Trade and Industrial Education and School Administration (Principle) are offered at the graduate level.


NC Approved License Areas                                                       NC License Levels
Birth - Kindergarten                                                                        A, MAT, R
Elementary, K-6                                                                              A, MAT, R
Elementary Math Add-On, K-6                                                          Add-on
Art, K-12                                                                                             A
Music, K-12                                                                                         A
Health & Physical Education, K-12                                                     MAT, R
English, 9-12                                                                                   A, MAT, R
Mathematics, 9-12                                                                           A, MAT, R
Biology, 9-12                                                                                   A, MAT, R
Physics, 9-12                                                                                       A
Chemistry, 9-12                                                                               A, MAT, R
Social Studies, 9-12                                                                         A, MAT, R
Special Education: General Curriculum, K-12                                  A, MAT, R, Add-On
CTE: Agricultural Education                                                             A, M, M*, R
CTE: Business & Information Technology Education                           MAT, R
CTE: Family & Consumer Sciences                                                    MAT, R
CTE: Technology Education                                                               MAT, R
CTE: Trade & Industrial Education                                                      Add-On
Principal                                                                                          M, Add-On