The Noble Place

The mission of the Pre-Nursing Living Learning Community is to promote, enhance and support the student’s academic success and personal and professional growth. This learning community is designed to ease the transition into college. Nursing is a noble profession. Members of the community will demonstrate personal qualities of high moral principles, discipline, leadership ability, responsibility, and honorable and ethical behavior. The learning community provides an opportunity to study, learn, grow and interact with students who have the same academic focus and dedication. It allows for close interaction with many of the services, programs, faculty, and students in the School of Nursing.

Learning Outcomes:

The primary goal of the Noble Place Nursing Living Learning Community is to assist students to succeed personally and academically during their time at North Carolina A&T with a particular focus on the first two years of academic study. Overall, the Living Learning Community will provide students with the opportunity for academic support, career exploration, social experiences and community engagement. The program will offer monthly group meetings, social events, study groups, academic advising, and career exploration tours.

As a result of students’ participation in the Nursing LLC, members of the community will:

  • Identify and develop skills and strategies (e.g. time management, study techniques) that will promote the achievement of their academic goals.
  • Have an opportunity to connect and share their interests with others.
  • Be assigned a junior level student who will serve as a peer mentor.
  • Develop leadership skills and take an active role in the School of Nursing activities.
  • Attend specially designed events that enhance student’s understanding of nursing and healthcare.
  • Experience volunteer opportunities, onsite visits, and interactions with professionals and nursing alumni.

Residence Hall Location: Aggie Village McCain Hall

Housing LLC Contact: Claudette Drake, or 336-285-4950

Counseling Services Program Contact(s):

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