How to Waive or Provide Proof of Insurance

Please see the steps below to provide proof of insurance and request an insurance waiver.

  1. Get your Insurance information together.
  2. Go to StudentBlueNC.
  3. Click on "Request a Waiver" to establish your account.
  4. Please upload a copy of the front and back of the insurance card.
  5. You'll receive an e-mail with an ID number for your records. Your waiver must then be approved.  You will receive another email with confirmation that your waiver has been approved.
  6. The health insurance charge will be removed from your account within 7 business days.

Helpful Tips to Fill out the Waiver Policy Information:

  • Subscriber/Policy Holder Name: This may also be labeled as the member name on the insurance card.
  • Policy Holder’s Zip: Make sure to include the Policy’s Holder Zip Code.
  • Group#/Plan#:  Some cards may have RxGrp instead of Group#/Plan#.
  • Address of Insurance Company: This is usually located on the back of the card. It is usually a P.O. Box address.