Wells Fargo Aggie OneCard

Wells Fargo, in partnership with N.C. A&T, is pleased to offer certain banking products for use with the N.C. A&T AggieOne Debit Card. These accounts are completely optional and available to any student, staff, or faculty with an active Wells Fargo Account, at their convenience. Visit wellsfargo.com/ncat for more information.

For information about the major features and common fees of checking accounts offered through this program, please view the important information below:

The Department of Education’s Cash Management regulations 34 CFR 668.164(d)(4)(i)(B)(2), require institutions participating in T2 (Campus Card) arrangements to list and identify the major features and commonly assessed fees as well as a URL for the terms and conditions of each financial account offered under the arrangement.   

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North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and Wells Fargo Campus Card Agreement

For the award year period of July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020:

  • Total number of customers with linked accounts: 1,082
  • Total Accounts Mean and Median costs:
    • Annual Mean $17.55
    • Annual Median $  -
  • Total Consideration Received by Institution: $45,500
    • Royalties: $15,000
    • Operational Support: $25,000
    • Marketing: $5,500
  • Wells Fargo uses information provided to us directly by our customers to identify students with a Wells Fargo Campus Card linked to their accounts.

    Mean and median costs reported for this award year period reflect new benefits provided to eligible Campus Card linked accounts beginning in March 2019.  These new benefits were available to eligible customers for four out of the twelve months of activity analyzed in the contract data for the most recent award year (7/1/2018-6/30/2019).   As a result, the mean and median costs above do not show the effect of a full year of the new benefits.

Wells Fargo Bank Contract PDF

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