College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Theatre Arts

North Carolina A&T's Theatre Arts program is nationally ranked by Black Broadway as one of the top five for African American students.


  1. To teach students how to use theatre as a means of self-expression, awareness, and discipline;
  2. To acquaint students with the great works of the theatre through reading and producing them;
  3. To prepare students for professional careers in acting and technology;
  4. To prepare students for admission into graduate schools;
  5. To convey the skills necessary to promote theatre as a means of enhancing culture in the community; and
  6. To assist students in developing the skills necessary to participate in global theatre opportunities through studies of the histories and cultures of selected peoples, participate in plays, and meetings with dramatists, actors, artists and intellectuals from other countries and cultures.


Professional Theatre (Acting) – Bachelor of Fine Arts (Curriculum Guide)
Professional Theatre (Theatre Technology) – Bachelor of Fine Arts (Curriculum Guide)


  1. Admission is based upon the general admission requirements of the University. All majors must maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0. If your GPA drops below 2.0, you will not be cast for any productions or given crew assignments until your GPA is 2.0 or better. Recommendations will be made by your academic advisor to attend tutorial sessions.
  2. Students must pass an annual juried evaluation in acting or technology. The evaluation will be based on the improvement in creativity, technique, attitude, and determination.
  3. The fulfillment of acting, audition, and crew assignments – except when advance exemptions by faculty have been granted – is expected.
  4. Transfer students with previous training will be evaluated by the faculty, who might exempt the student from certain requirements. The exemptions will depend on demonstrated ability and experience.
  5. The students must earn at least a “C” in all theatre courses listed on the curriculum guide in his/her concentration.
  6. Anyone showing a fundamental weakness in an area of study might be requested by the Theatre Arts program director to take additional course work in the area.
  7. Active participation is expected in at least two of the following organizations: The Richard B. Harrison Players, Alpha Psi Omega, NCTC, SETC, the Black Theatre Network or the National Association of Dramatic and Speech Arts.
  8. All students under the acting concentration must audition for all main stage productions, faculty directed studio productions and the Richard B. Harrison Players.
  9. All students must participate in load-ins and strikes of all main stage productions – unless excused beforehand by the executive director of theatre, theatre arts program director, the director of the play, or the technical director.
  10. Only graduating seniors will be allowed to appear or participate in off-campus commercial productions. Exceptions for students other than seniors will be considered once the following steps have been completed: (1) The student submits a letter to the theatre program chair stating the producing organization in which he/she is wanting to work, his/her time commitment to the project, the reason he/she wishes to participate in the project and the benefits he/she will receive; (2) An interview with the theatre program director to review current GPA, completed course work, class attendance, past and present theatre participation; (3) An interview with the faculty along with the program director who will then make the final decision.


Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST) since 1988.