College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Animal Science Careers

A career in animal science makes you part of the biggest industry in the world! In the United States alone, agriculture is a $157 billion business, and animal industries are its biggest component. With more than 530 biotechnology firms, North Carolina is one of the nation’s top biotech employers.

Maybe that’s why a degree in animal sciences is one of the most popular choices for students who love biology and life sciences. Jobs in animal sciences are plentiful, and our graduates are eagerly sought by employers.

Our graduates find professions in the following fields, and more:

Veterinary and human medicine; Cooperative Extension specialists; business and marketing professions serving animal industries; feed, food and animal health professions; biotechnology; biomedical and pharmaceutical industries; product managers in swine, beef, dairy, poultry, sheep and goat production; animal breeding and livestock marketing and production; zoos, kennels and other animal facilities; livestock insurance; management, administration, public relations, communications and education in animal-related industries or government agencies.

Entry and professional level salaries in Animal Sciences:

Career options in Animal Sciences are varied, and lead to a wide range of different jobs and salaries.

Median salaries nationwide for technical sales and management, biotechnologists, lab animal technologists and others with a bachelor’s degree is around $40,000 per year.

However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that, depending on the career choice, salaries nationwide for animal scientist in all categories generally ranged from $33,980 to $117,150 per year.

If you have a specific career in mind, please contact the Department of Animal Sciences or talk to your academic advisor for more information about opportunities, job outlooks and current salary levels in your desired profession.