College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Bachelor of Science - Agricultural and Environmental Systems (Agribusiness and Food Industry Management)

The Agribusiness and Food Industry Management concentration will prepare you for careers in management and business in agribusiness and food industries as well as non-agricultural firms.

Our curriculum will give you an overview of the critical issues currently facing managers of food and agribusiness firms. As you proceed through the program, you will learn to think strategically about business decisions, enhance your problem-solving and decision-making skills, and improve your ability to communicate effectively. The degree will give you exposure to accounting, marketing, management, finance, economics, quantitative agribusiness analysis, transportation and supply chain management in food industries, and other business skills.

Among the entry-level positions, the Agricultural and Environmental Systems degree will prepare you for are: agricultural chemical, pharmaceutical and or seed sales; commodity merchandising; grocery store and grain elevator management; financial planning; government positions in statistics and economics; commodities grading; marketing analysis; soil conservation; and product distribution.

Many of our graduates go on for advanced degrees that qualify them for careers in research, business, legal or managerial professions. A popular choice is the Master of Science (M.S.) in Agricultural and Environmental Systems, with a Concentration in Agribusiness and Food Industry Management.

Degree Requirements

Undergraduate majors in Food and Agribusiness Management must complete 124 semester hours of university courses. Students must earn an average grade of “C” (2.0) in all the core courses in order to meet the major field requirements.


The admission of students to the undergraduate degree program is based upon the general admission requirements of the university.

Please contact us to arrange a tour of our facilities, and to find out how the Food and Agribusiness Management major can fit your career and life goals.

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Professor of Agribusiness and Program Coordinator
Department of Agribusiness, Applied Economics and Agriscience Education
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