College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Evans-Allen Application Process

The Evans-Allen Act of 1977 provides capacity funding for food and agricultural research at the 1890 land-grant universities, including Tuskegee University and West Virginia State University in a manner similar to that provided to the 1862 universities under the Hatch Act of 1887. Research conducted under the Evans-Allen Program has led to hundreds of scientific breakthroughs of benefit to minority farmers, stakeholders of the 1890 institutions and the nation as a whole.

At N. C. A&T, Evans-Allen projects are supported through the Office of Agricultural Research (OAR), College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (CAES). The principal investigator (PI) interested in submitting an Evans Allen project should discuss the proposed project with their department chairperson to ascertain the appropriateness of the proposed project to the department/CAES goals and research priorities. If their chair supports the proposed idea, the PI should submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) to the department chair by the due date provided by the OAR. If the PI is planning to collaborate with faculty/staff from other CAES units, their supervisor/department chair must also sign the NOI. A complete and full proposal in Word version must be submitted to the department chair by the due date provided by the OAR for review. The proposal must specify the grant type (single, multiple Co-PI or multi-level collaborative) and utilize the Evans-Allen Proposal Template. The proposal narrative cannot exceed 20 pages, using 12 point Times New Roman font and 1.5 line spacing. For more information about proposals, please refer to the Evans-Allen Manual. The chair is to forward the proposal to the Associate Dean of Research by the due date provided by OAR along with the signed Chair’s Attestation Form which affirms that the proposal aligns with department and college goals and research priorities.

The proposal will then be reviewed by an external review panel based on the Evans-Allen Proposal Review Criteria.


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