Interstate Passport


Earn or use a Passport to help streamline your pathway to a degree!

What is a Passport? A Passport awarded by North Carolina A&T State University (NCA&T) signifies that you have not only completed your lower-division general education requirements here, but will be recognized as having completed the lower-division general education requirements of every other school participating in the Interstate Passport Network.

The Passport is accepted by other Network schools because it means you have achieved the general education learning outcomes that all Network schools agree are important as a foundation for upper-division coursework, career, and civic life, even though the courses and credits may be different. It is also a milestone of completion representing approximately 25-30% of a bachelor’s degree.

How can I earn a Passport here?

Our school has created a menu of course options (Click here) that meet our own lower-division general education requirements and, at the same time, cover the areas that all of the Interstate Passport Network schools have agreed are important in general education. You must earn a C or better in each course you apply to your Passport. Contact the Institutional Liaison listed on the NCA&T Interstate Passport contact list or our Office of Transfer listed on NCA&T’s website for more information.

Why should I earn a Passport?

With a Passport, you will have a strong academic foundation upon which to build as you advance in your studies. Many of the skills and knowledge you acquire in earning the Passport are those sought after by employers, so documentation of that achievement may also be helpful in early work force positions.

How can a Passport help transfer students?

If you have a Passport, your lower-division general education requirements will be met or nearly met at all schools that are members of the Interstate Passport Network Each school displays the Network’s official logo on their website to let students know that their Passports will be valued there.

How do I transfer into NCA&T with a Passport?

To transfer into North Carolina A&T State University, please visit our webpage for transfer admissions (

How do I transfer out with a Passport?

Although we would like all our students to stay here to complete their degrees, we understand that occasionally some must transfer for a variety of reasons. If you are one of those students, we want you to be successful wherever you go and earning a Passport can be helpful.

Click here to find a list of colleges and universities participating in this student-friendly national program. Then reach out to the student contact listed on the school’s profile of your choice or talk with one of our advisors.