Male Student Success

At North Carolina A&T, we are focused on addressing the impediments to academic success that in recent years have disproportionately affected young men. The issues that affect male student success are often complex, and our Male Student Task Force has been studying and addressing them now for more than two years.

The result of that work has been a series of new support programs and modest movement in the right direction in male student retention, persistence and graduation. We're excited for our male students' progress, and are continuing this work to address a dynamic that is being seen and felt throughout higher education.

Click on any of the links below to learn more about individual programs and efforts to support our young men.

Aggie M.E.N. The Aggie M.E.N. (Male Empowerment Network) was created to help male students overcome obstacles that could keep them from progressing to their sophomore year and ultimately obtaining a four-year degree. A living-learning community housed in Curtis and Cooper Halls, the program assists approximately 500 students through a common FRST 101 College Success course; helps them develop positive relationships with faculty and peer mentors; provides tutoring, supplemental instruction and faculty interaction; and produces various campus and community events to enrich student participants' college experience.

Male Student Succes Committee. The umbrella group for male student success efforts at North Carolina A&T, the committee was created at the direction of Chancellor Harold L. Martin Sr. in 2017. It has undertaken a campus-wide inventory of efforts to foster male student success, as well as a rigorous analysis of program outcomes and efficacy. Chaired by Dr. Regina Williams-Davis, assistant provost for Student Success and Academic Support, the committee meets monthly and includes administrators, faculty and staff from across campus.