Voting in North Carolina

You can only vote in one place and will need to decide whether you will choose to vote using your permanent address or your university address, and vote in elections at that location.

What If I Want To Vote Here in Guilford County?

A person can only vote where they are registered.

If you choose to vote in Greensboro and Guilford County, you must use both a physical street address AND a campus box for your address.


Are There Consequences of Voting in Guilford County?


Each student’s situation is different. If you’re from a state other than North Carolina, please talk with your parents/guardians, and learn about any potential barriers or requirements in your home state and North Carolina by using the Campus Vote Project Student Guide before deciding to register using your university address.

The North Carolina State Board of Elections provides this information specifically about college students:

"College students can register and vote in the jurisdiction of their residence. A registered voter may only have one residence. If the college student considers his or her school address to be his or her residence, the college student may register and vote in the county where the school is located."


What If I Voted Using My Address Here in Guilford County and Have Moved to Another Guilford County Address Since Then?


Complete a new North Carolina voter registration form using your new address. If you live on campus, you must use both a physical street address AND a campus box for your address. Towards the bottom of the form, in the section entitled Complete If You Are Currently Registered to Vote in Another NC County or in Another State, provide the address under which you were last registered.


What Do I Need to Bring With Me to Vote in Guilford County?


Voters are not required to show photo ID to vote in North Carolina elections.A North Carolina superior court permanently enjoined a law requiring photo ID, which means it cannot take effect.

Students will only need to bring identification and proof of residence if they are doing same-day voter registration at an early voting site OR on election day if their original registration application was not confirmed. Every student will not need to provide identification, only for the two instances mentioned above.


Note: Each polling site has a booklet containing North Carolina A&T student on-campus addresses and physical street addresses. Students can ask a poll worker to use this booklet to verify their campus residence.

Where Do I Cast My Ballot in Guilford County?


To find out the location of your polling place on election day in Guilford County, simply go to the National Association of Secretaries of State website and confirm your polling place before you leave to vote.


What Are the Qualifications to Vote in North Carolina?


To see the qualifications to vote in North Carolina, visit the North Carolina State Board of Elections website.


Who/What Will Be on My Ballot?

You can view your ballot in advance of casting your vote by selecting the link in your voting record through the National Association of Secretaries of State website. This will then allow you to research the candidates and any initiatives or questions that may be on the ballot.

For North Carolina, 1 U.S. Senate office, 14 Congressional seats and numerous state offices, local judges and prosecutors and county offices, such as county commissioners and sheriffs, will be on the ballot. 


Whom Should I Call with Voting Concerns?


Contact the Guilford County Board of Elections at (336) 641-3836.