The Graduate College

Graduate Alumni Hall of Fame

The North Carolina A&T State University Graduate College will induct exemplary alumni into our Graduate Alumni Hall of Fame, celebrating the accomplishments of our outstanding graduates who build upon their education to excel in a profession, career, or service. Inductees are N.C. A&T SU graduate program alumni who demonstrate professional, entrepreneurial, or service achievements in their selected field or industry. Examples include, but are not limited to, alumni who:

  • Are recognized by a professional organization at a high level (e.g., AAEA fellow, ASAE fellow, IEEE fellow)
  • Have published a significant number of influential technical publications or patents based on research designed to advance the human condition
  • Serve as leaders in academia (e.g., leadership in a national or international research center, distinguished faculty title, or university leadership position)
  • Have founded a successful business or organization
  • Serve or served at the senior management level in a corporation or organization
  • Have been recognized by a national scholarly or civic organization for their work

The Graduate Alumni Hall of Fame aims to celebrate the achievements of individuals who have brought honor to both the Graduate College and their alma mater through their dedication, innovation, and leadership.

Inductees into the Graduate Alumni Hall of Fame serve as inspiring role models for current and future generations of students, showcasing the diverse ways a graduate education can lead to meaningful and transformative contributions to society. Additionally, the Alumni Hall of Fame serves as a testament to the quality of education and mentorship provided by graduate programs, fostering a sense of pride and connection among alumni, faculty, and students.