The Graduate College

First Things First

Beginning your graduate education takes serious preparation. The information and links below will help you complete that preparation and get your educational experience at North Carolina A&T State University off on the right foot. Welcome to Aggieland!

Accept Admission Offer

  • An acceptance letter will be sent to you through your personal graduate school admissions portal. You must log in electronically and accept the admission offer as soon as possible.

Activate Aggie Access Online

  • Aggie Access Online is your portal for secure online services at A&T. TO LEARN HOW TO SET UP AND NAVIGATE AGGIE ACCESS ONLINE, SEE THIS WALKTHROUGH.
  • Your 9-digit student ID number (Banner ID) is used for access to Aggie Access Online and will also be required when filling out forms, paying bills, and more.

Activate Aggie Student Gmail

  • Your N.C. A&T student email address ( will be used for official university announcements and course information. You are expected to activate your Aggie email account immediately.

Register for New Graduate Student Orientation

See the Orientation Page for more information about New Graduate Student Orientation (held shortly before the start of classes in Fall and Spring).

Aggie Alert

  • You must sign up for the Aggie Alert notification system before registering for courses.

Immunizations & Medical Health History

Health Insturance

  • Health Insurance is mandatory. Current students must pay for Student Blue insurance (through Blue Cross Blue Shield) or waive coverage and provide proof of alternative insurance. Learn more about Health Insurance policies.

Tuition and Fees / Billing

  • The Treasurer’s Office handles tuition and fee costs as well as billing. Please refer to their site (including their FAQ) for crucial information.

Funding / Financial Aid Opportunities

Learn more about opportunities for financial aid and funding at the Office of Financial Aid.

Parking Permit

Aggie OneCard (Student ID Card)

Additional Information

  • Colleges/Departments - Click on the link to learn more information about your specific College and Department
  • Claiming NC Residency - Information about the process for claiming NC residency status (for tuition purposes) can be found here.
  • Distance Education students should visit for information and resources.
  • International Students should make use of resources and information provided by the Office of International Affairs.


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