Secure Drone Manufacturing Facility

CREO’s Secure Drone Manufacturing Facility was established in 2021 to support drone construction and research into data security and reliable methods to transmit confidential data. In an interwoven technological world, how can we safely exchange data without fear of having it stolen? 

CREO is addressing this question at its Secure Drone Manufacturing Facility by fabricating drones using 3D printing technology. From 3D printed chassis to robust hardware capabilities, this facility is building dynamic drones in house.  

Drones aren’t only changing the world of manufacturing — they are rapidly changing the way that companies do business. By being able to produce scalable drones in house, CREO creates the ability to tackle dozens of problems facing industry today. From agriculture, to increased data safety, and real time inventory monitoring, the strides being made by the CREO drone manufacturing facility are both groundbreaking and compelling. 

For more information on this project, please contact Jason Green at or for more information.