Reaffirmation of Accreditation

The next SACSCOC reaffirmation visit is scheduled for Spring 2021. The Reaffirmation Steering Committee is appointed by the Chancellor of the institution and co-chaired by the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Vice Provost for Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness. The fourteen sections of the Principles of Accreditation are:

SECTION 1: The Principle of Integrity

SECTION 2: Mission

SECTION 3: Basic Eligibility Standard

SECTION 4: Governing Board

SECTION 5: Administration and Organization

SECTION 6: Faculty

SECTION 7: Institutional Planning and Effectiveness

SECTION 8: Student Achievement

SECTION 9: Educational Program Structure and Content

SECTION 10: Educational Policies, Procedures, and Practices

SECTION 11: Library and Learning/Information Resources

SECTION 12: Academic and Student Support Services

SECTION 13: Financial and Physical Resources

SECTION 14: Transparency and Institutional Representation

Members of the Steering Committee

Beryl McEwen - Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Muktha Jost - Vice Provost of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness/SACSCOC Liaison
Nicole Pride - Interim Vice Provost for Academic Strategy and Operations
Alvin Keyes - Interim Associate Dean, College of Health and Human Sciences
Vicki Coleman - Dean, Library Services
Sanjiv Sarin - Interim Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development
Erin Hart - Interim Chief of Staff
Robert Pompey Jr. - Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance
Clay S. Gloster Jr. - Interim Dean, The Graduate College
Katherine Murphy - Interim General Counsel and Compliance Officer
Regina Williams-Davis - Asst. Provost for Student Success & Academic Support/Director, Center for Academic Excellence
Melody Pierce - Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Steering committee members also chair or co-chair one of 14 compliance review committees (one for each of the fourteen sections of the Principles of Accreditation).