Military Science Courses

Basic Course: (Introduction to the Army Military Science Level (MSL) MSL 101 & Leadership and Decision Making MSL 201) As a freshman and sophomore, students will attend these one hour and two hour credit elective course during fall and spring semesters.  Students in this portion of the program have no general commitment to the military.  Students that would like to continue on and meet the standards and requirements of the program will be sent to CST (Cadet Summer Training) during the summer for further basic level leadership and developing skills. 

Advanced Course: (Training Management and the Warfighting Functions MSL 301 & The Army Officer MSL 401) As juniors and seniors, students will take a three hour course during both fall and spring semesters.  At this portion of the program, students that have completed all requirements and meet the programs standards will commit to military service;  after being sent to and passing summer AC (Advance Camp), where cadets will combine all training received in the program and act responsive to field combat situations. 


Leadership Laboratory

As an Army ROTC Cadet, you will be required to spend three hours each week in a "Laboratory/field" environment applying skills discussed and learned during classes.  During lab, Cadets are taught basic soldiering skills, such as first aid and movement techniques along with many other essential skills.  Cadets who are upperclassmen are given opportunities to teach underclassmen some of these necessary skills and tactics.  Cadets are often put into a squad leader role and must learn how to accomplish a mission quickly and effectively.  Following their mission, they are assessed by a grader and given feedback on what dimensions of their leadership they can potentially change or improve.  (one hour credit course)


Physical Training (PT)

There are three, one-hour PT sessions during each week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) that Cadets will attend both fall and spring semesters. Events range from runs to circuit workouts put together and ran by the upperclassmen for leadership training purposes.  The physical training encompasses all aspects of physical and mental wellness.  Cadets learn and practice everyday measures to improve their total well-being. 


Course Schedule

  • Course ID Course Title Days Start End
    MSL 101/102 Introduction to the Army/Foundations of Agile and Adaptive Leadership TUE 1000 1050
    MSL 101/102 Introduction to the Army/Foundations of Agile and Adaptive Leadership THU 1400 1450
    MSL 201/202 Leadership and Decision Making/Army Doctrine and Team Development TUE 1300 1500
    MSL 301/302 Training Management and the Warfighting Functions/Applied Leadership in Small Unit Operations TUE 1500 1750
    MSL 401/402 The Army Officer/Company Grade Leadership TUE 1500 1750

    MSL 105/107

    MSL 205/207

    MSL 305/307

    MSL 405/407

    Leadership Lab THU 1500 1750