Frequently Asked Questions


A legal obligation which commits resources, such as money or time. 

Only certain employees may enter into a contract on behalf of the University. If you have not been told by your supervisor that you have such authority, you may not enter into a contract binding the University.

Contact the Office of Legal Affairs.

Public Records

All state employees, and contractors including students who are on work study.

You must retain the University’s public records according to the University and UNC System’s records retention policy.

Contact the Office of Legal Affairs immediately. 

Litigation Holds

A litigation hold is a notice letting you know that the University may be sued, or has been sued. It tells you what to do. Some of the steps you may have to take include securing documents until requested. 

Contact the Office of Legal Affairs or the Attorney who sent the notice. 


A legal order requiring some action, e.g. producing information, or appearing before a court within a specified period of time.

Immediately contact the Office of Legal Affairs. Subpoenas often require compliance within a short amount of time. Contacting the Office of Legal Affairs will allow the office to respond to the subpoena in a timely fashion, and to address any related questions.
Disclaimer: The information on this page is provided soley for informational purposes, and is not to be construed as, or be a substitute for legal advice.