N.C. A&T Areas To Support

Unrestricted gifts to North Carolina A&T go to meet the greatest need, but you also have the option of designating how your gift will be used. Gifts to support scholarships and fellowships are used to bring the brightest young minds to our campus, and that helps elevate the entire educational experience for everyone. Use the links below to learn about other areas you can choose to support at N.C. A&T.

Student Support. More scholarships are needed to support first-generation college students and to help A&T attract the most exceptional minds in North Carolina and beyond.

Faculty support. Endowed professorships, facilities upgrades and research opportunities help N.C. A&T attract and retain the best and brightest faculty.

Facilities support. This supports helping the university expand its ability to serve more students. Already the largest HBCU in America, A&T plans to continue growing well into the future. 

Academic programs support, allowing the university to offer new and cutting edge educational opportunities. The fast pace of today's economy requires that N.C. A&T be nimble and responsive to workforce trends and fundamental changes in key industries, ensuring our academic programs align with real-world needs.