Godfrey C Ejimakor


Godfrey C Ejimakor
College of Ag & Environ Sciences

Agribusiness Econ Agriscience

Carver Hall 167
B.S.Economics / North Carolina State University
M.S.Ag. Economics (Production Economics) / North Carolina A&T State University
Ph.D.Agriculture / Texas Tech University

Research Interests

agricultural marketing, urban food systems, natural and environmental resources

Recent Publications

  • Fafanyo Asiseh, Godfrey Ejimakor, Obed Quaicoe (2017). (Agricultural Factor Use and Substitution in the Southeastern United States). ). Studies in Agricultural Economics.
  • Kofi Adu-Nyako, Godfrey Ejimakor (2014). (Consumer Preference for US Food Products in Ghana.). (1) 45, pp. 1 ). Food Distribution Research Society.
  • Godfrey Ejimakor, Deric Hardy, Obed Quaicoe (2017). (Exploring the Food Expenditure Patterns of College Students). pp. 68-76 ). European Scientific Journal.
  • Joel Amoakon, Godfrey Ejimakor, Deric Hardy (2017). (Food Sources and Preferences of College students. ). pp. 277-281 ). European Scientific Journal.
  • Amira Ayad, Godfrey Ejimakor, Deiaa El-Rab, Salam Ibrahim, Keith Schimmel, Abolghasem Shahbazi, Mulumebet Worku, Tahl Zimmerman (2016). (Using date palm by-products to cultivate Lactobacilllus reuteri spp.). ). Journal of Food Research.
  • Kofi Adu-Nyako, Godfrey Ejimakor (2014). (Vendor and Consumer Differences in Perceptions of Food Quality in Ghana). (1) 45, pp. 1 ). Food Distribution Research Society.