Kenrett Y Jefferson Moore


Kenrett Y Jefferson Moore
College of Ag & Environ Sciences

Agribusiness Econ Agriscience

Carver Hall 154-A
B.S.Agricultural Economics (Agribusiness) / Southern University and A&M College
M.S.Agribusiness Management / Alabama A&M University
Ph.D.Agricultural Business and Management, General / Auburn University
OtherNorth Carolina State University
OtherThe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
OtherApplied Business Analytics / SAS
OtherPredictive Modeling Using Logistic Regression / SAS


Dr. Jefferson-Moore has contributed to the university’s commitment to create an environment for transformative research, and creative scholarship to solve societal challenges. She has conducted numerous paper presentations and publications evaluating welfare effects of second generation GMOs, rural entrepreneurship, the economics of invasive species in crops and non-infectious diseases in animals, and local and organic markets. In several of her projects, she has involved and mentored undergraduate and graduate students through the research process.

Research Interests

Local and Organic Food Markets

Recent Publications

  • Kenrett Jefferson Moore, Befikadu Legesse, Terrence Thomas (2017). (Impacts of land tenure and property rights on reforestation intervention in Ethiopia). 70, pp. 494-499 ). Land Use Policy.
  • Anton Bekkerman, Barry Goodwin, Kenrett Jefferson Moore, Sethu Palat, Nicholas Piggott, Canisha Turner (2015). (Potential check-off benefits to farmers in the presence of wind-borne diseases). (5) 7, pp. 176-177 ). Journal of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development.
  • Jackie Bradford, Kenrett Jefferson Moore, Daniel Johnson, Richard Robbins (2014). (Consumer preferences for local food products in North Carolina). (1) 45, pp. 41-46 ). Journal of Food Distribution Research.
  • Kenrett Jefferson Moore, (2013). (The effect of perches in cages during pullet rearing and egg laying on hen performance ). 92, pp. 310-320 ). Poultry Science .
  • Kenrett Jefferson Moore, Sawde Salifou-Labo, Canisha Turner (2013). (Potential factors contributing to undergraduate enrollment in agricultural economics and agribusiness and management at land-grant institutions). 57, pp. 51-56 ). North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Journal.
  • Kenrett Jefferson Moore (2012). (Early access to perches in caged White Leghorn pullets ). 91, pp. 2114-2120 ). Poultry Science .
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  • Sonya Draper, Kenrett Jefferson Moore (2010). (Integrated Technology into Food and Agribusiness Industries Summer Program). 12, pp. 10-14 ). NCCTTE Technology Education Journal .