Leonard L Williams

Dir/Cent-Exc for PostHarv

Leonard L Williams
UNC Nutrition Research Building 4222
Ph.D.Food Science and Technology / Alabama A&M University
MBABusiness Administration / Wake Forest University
M.S.Animal Health Science / North Carolina A&T State University
B.S.Biology / North Carolina A&T State University


Dr. Leonard L. Williams is the Director and Professor of Food Safety and Microbiology at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Center for Excellence in Post-Harvest Technologies (CEPHT) located on the North Carolina Research Campus (NCRC) in Kannapolis, North Carolina. He has served as a mentor and adviser to over 50 graduate, 13 undergraduate and high school research students and supervised five post-doctoral scholars.

Research Interests

• Incidence of food-borne pathogens in fruits and vegetables using molecular, immunological and epidemiological approaches, with the goal of identifying new strains and their ability to develop resistance to both natural and synthetically derived agents. • Novel nano-biomaterials for inactivation of Norovirus and other food borne pathogens. • Methods to determine antimicrobial resistance profiles of multiple microorganisms from food, clinical, and veterinary sources tested against both natural and synthetic agents. • Alleviate several peanut allergens commonly found in varieties of peanuts and peanut-based products. • Genetic diversity of gut microbiota and its role on antimicrobial resistance. Future Desired Research Area(s) • Disease progression and cognitive skills as it relates to microbial infections • Neuroprotective effects of phytochemicals on traumatic brain injuries and epilepsy • Development of natural supplements for combating microbial infections • Metabolomics approaches to fermentation of bio-solids and value-added products • Product development (Nutraceuticals, supplements, herbals) • Entrepreneur and Intellectual property development

Recent Publications

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