Obed Quaicoe

Associate Professor

Obed Quaicoe
College of Ag & Environ Sciences

Agribusiness Econ Agriscience

Carver Hall 154 B
Ph.D.EES EE Science & Economics / North Carolina A&T State University
M.S.Agricultural Economics / North Carolina A&T State University
B.S.Agricultural Economics / University of Ghana


Dr. Obed Quaicoe is an assistant professor in the Department of Agribusiness, Applied Economics, and Agriscience Education at North Carolina A&T State University. He teaches agribusiness courses in econometrics, production economics, advanced macroeconomics, economic development, research methods, and special problems in agribusiness at the graduate level. He also teaches undergraduate food & agribusiness marketing, and agricultural prices and forecasting. His research interests revolve around economics of small-holder farms,conservation agricultural policies, and applied econometrics.

Research Interests

Environmental & Natural Resource Economics, Energy Economics, International Trade, Agricultural Economics, Applied Econometrics, Conservation Policies in Agriculture.

Recent Publications

  • Obed Quaicoe, Fafanyo Asiseh, Omoanghe Isikhuemhen (2023). (Qualitative Analysis of Industrial Hemp Production, Markets, and Sustainability in North Carolina, United States). (4) 13, Agriculture.
  • Obed Quaicoe, Fafanyo Asiseh, Anthony Baffoe-Bonnie, John Ng'ombe (2023). (Small farms in North Carolina, United States: Analyzing farm and operator characteristics in the pursuit of economic resilience and sustainability). (1) 46, pp. 13-31. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy.
  • Obed Quaicoe, Roger Vorsah, Kenrett Jefferson Moore, Jarvetta Bynum, John Owens (2022). (What They Know and Why They Do It: Preliminary Findings of Farmer Focus Group Discussion on Value-Added Agriculture in North Carolina.). (1) 53, pp. 19-22. Journal of Food Distribution Research.
  • Gina Greenway, Fafanyo Asiseh, Obed Quaicoe (2021). (A Cost Benefit Analysis of IPM Decision Support Tools for Potato Psyllids in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington). https://doi.org/10.1007/s12230-021-09823-6, American. Journal Potato Research.
  • Straughter Mecca, Kenrett Jefferson Moore, Obed Quaicoe, Jarvetta Bynum, John Owens (2021). (Consumer Preferences for Direct-to-Consumer Value-Added Agriculture in North Carolina: Preliminary Findings of Consumer Focus Groups). (Issue 1) Volume 52, pp. 4–5. Journal of Food Distribution Research.
  • Obed Quaicoe, Fafanyo Asiseh, Omoanghe Isikhuemhen (2020). (The Business of Hemp in North Carolina: Where the Rubber Meets the Road). In Murray State's Digital Commons, (2) 1, Journal of Agricultural Hemp Research.
  • Fafanyo Asiseh, Cephas Naanwaab, Obed Quaicoe (2018). (The Association between Food Insecurity and Child Health Outcomes in Low and Middle-Income Countries). 20, pp. 79 - 90. Journal of African Development.
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