Caroline S Booth

Associate Professor

Caroline S Booth
College of Education


Proctor Hall 349
Ph.D.Counseling / University of North Carolina at Greensboro
M.S.Counseling / University of North Carolina at Greensboro
B.A.Psychology / Wake Forest University

Research Interests

Wellness Across the Lifespan Technology in Counseling

Recent Publications

  • Courtney Evans, Caroline Booth, Tyra Whittaker (2018). (Rehabilitation Career Counseling Self-Efficacy).
  • Narayan Bhattarai, Mrs Lambeth, Dhananjay Kumar, Cindy Waters, Devdas Pai, Matthew McCullough, Caroline Booth (2016). (Enhancing Undergraduate Students’ Learning and Research Experiences through Hands on Experiments on Bio-nanoengineering). 26, pp. 1. age.
  • Courtney Thompson, Caroline Booth, Robin Liles (2016). (Supports and Barriers to Employment for Disabled and Nondisabled Rural Residents). In Garry R. Walz and Jeanne Bleuer, VISTAS Online.
  • Robin Liles, Chiekwe Anyansi-Archibong, Miriam Wagner, Caroline Booth (2009). (The mentoring relationship: Who owns ethical responsibility?). (1) 6, pp. 139-151. Southeast CASE Research Journal.
  • Keleigh Blount, Caroline Booth, Tammy Webb, Robin Liles (Examining Counselor Education and Bias Toward Sexual Topics). In Garry R. Walz and Jeanne Bleuer, pp. 21. Ideas and research you can use: VISTAS 2016.