Uchenna Y Anele

Assistant Professor

Uchenna Y Anele
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College of Ag & Environ Sciences

Animal Sciences

OtherAnimal Science / Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike
OtherPasture and Range Management / Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta
Ph.D.Agricultural Science / University of Bonn

Research Interests

Research interests include cattle, sheep and goat nutrition, forage utilization, sustainable agriculture through integrated crop/livestock farming, alternatives to antimicrobials use in ruminants, improving feed efficiency, and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in ruminants. Currently, Dr. Anele is undertaking studies on the use of plant extracts (secondary metabolites, essential oils) and white-rot fungi extracts to alter rumen fermentation, improve feed efficiency, milk yield and composition, and mitigate GHG emissions.

Recent Publications

  • Uchenna Anele (2020). (Antimicrobial resistance of three common molecularly identified pathogenic bacteria to Allium aqueous extracts). ). Microbial Pathogenesis.
  • Uchenna Anele (2020). (Influence of Corymbia citriodora leaf extract on growth performance, ruminal fermentation, nutrient digestibility, plasma antioxidant activity and faecal bacteria in young calves). ).
  • Uchenna Anele, Hani El-Zaiat, Ahmed Kholif, Osama Matloup, Dyaaeldin Mohamed, (2019). (Enhancing lactational performance of Holstein dairy cows under commercial production: malic acid as an option). (2) 99, pp. 885-892 ). JOURNAL OF THE SCIENCE OF FOOD AND AGRICULTURE.
  • Uchenna Anele, (2019). (Effects of microbial feed additives on feed utilization and growth performance in growing Barki lambs fed diet based on peanut hay). ). ANIMAL BIOTECHNOLOGY.
  • Uchenna Anele, Oscar Vazquez-Mendoza (2019). (Effects of sodium butyrate and active Bacillus amyloliquefaciens supplemented to pasteurized waste milk on growth performance and health condition of Holstein dairy calves). ). ANIMAL BIOTECHNOLOGY.
  • Uchenna Anele, Ayman Hassan (2019). (Influence of dietary probiotic inclusion on growth performance, nutrient utilization, ruminal fermentation activities and methane production in growing lambs). ). ANIMAL BIOTECHNOLOGY.
  • Uchenna Anele, Hossam Ebeid (2019). (Ruminal fermentation kinetics of Moringa oleifera leaf and seed as protein feeds in dairy cow diets: in sacco degradability and protein and fiber fractions assessed by the CNCPS method). ). AGROFORESTRY SYSTEMS.
  • Uchenna Anele (2019). (Dynamic role of single-celled fungi in ruminal microbial ecology and activities). (950-965) 128, ).
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  • Uchenna Anele, Marcos Barros-Rodriguez, Ralf Greiner, (2018). (Environmental impact of yeast and exogenous xylanase on mitigating carbon dioxide and enteric methane production in ruminants). 189, pp. 40-46 ). JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION.
  • Uchenna Anele, Joel Caton, Ahmed Kholif, Osama Matloup, Tarek Morsy (2018). (Mustard and cumin seeds improve feed utilisation, milk production and milk fatty acids of Damascus goats). (2) 85, pp. 142-151 ). JOURNAL OF DAIRY RESEARCH.
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  • Uchenna Anele, A.B. El-Sayed, A.E. Kholif, O.H. Matloup, A.G. Mohamed, T.A. Morsy (2017). (Dietary Chlorella vulgaris microalgae improves efficient feed utilization, milk production and concentrations of conjugated linoleic acids in the milk of Damascus goats). 155, pp. 508-518 ). The Journal of Agricultural Science.
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  • Uchenna Anele, T.A. McAllister, P.J. McGinn, S.M. Tibbetts, W.Z. Yang (2016). (In vitro gas production, dry matter digestibility, methane abatement and fatty acid biohydrogenation of six different species of microalgae). (3) 96, pp. 353-362 ). Canadian Journal of Animal Science.
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