Yudan Chen

Associate Professor & Senior Researcher

Yudan Chen
College of Education


Proctor 267
M.S.Information Technology and Management / The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Ph.D.Human Development and Family Studies / The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
M.S.Human Development and Family Studies / The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
B.A.Arts / Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Research Interests

policy evaluation, child development, family relations, quantitative research methods, injury prevention

Recent Publications

  • Michael Brooks, Tyra Whittaker, Yudan Wang (2023). (White Counselor Education Faculty on the topics of racism and privileges in the classroom: a personal journal.). (3) 11, International Journal of Social Science Studies.
  • Yudan Wang, Robert Foss, Natalie O'Brien, Arthur Goodwin, Stephanie Harrelle (2020). (Effects of an advanced driver training program on young traffic offenders’ subsequent crash experience). Safety Science.
  • Yudan Wang, Robert Foss, Arthur Goodwin, Allison Curry, Brian Tefft (2020). (The Effect of Extending Graduated Driver Licensing to Older Novice Drivers in Indiana). Journal of Safety Research.
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  • Deborah Cassidy, Elizabeth King, Yudan Wang, Joanna Lower, Victoria Kintner-Duffy (2017). (Teacher work environments are toddler learning environments: teacher professional well-being, classroom emotional support, and toddlers' emotional expressions and behaviours). (11) 187, pp. 1666-1678. EARLY CHILD DEVELOPMENT AND CARE.
  • Yudan Wang (2016). (Assessing the Reliability and Validity of the Survey Measures of Guan, Jiao, and Xiao: Beyond Wang and Supple (2010)). (3) 52, pp. 305-329. MARRIAGE AND FAMILY REVIEW.
  • Jiayao Li, Linda Hestenes, Yudan Wang (2016). (Links Between Preschool Children's Social Skills and Observed Pretend Play in Outdoor Childcare Environments). (1) 44, pp. 61-68. EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION JOURNAL.
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