Moussa Issifou

Teaching Assistant Professor/Student Success Coordinator

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
College of Arts Humanities, Soc Sci


Ph.D.English / University of North Carolina at Greensboro
OtherEnglish Literature / University of Benin
OtherEnglish Language and Literature Education / University of Benin

Research Interests

I am a product of postcolonial Africa and I believe it is important for me to understand recent issues in the context of postcolonial debate, especially about Africa but extending to other parts of the world. My research focuses on the role of literature and language in our society, especially how they both serve as instruments of subjugation and liberation. My recent conference papers discussed new literary efforts to end linguistic hegemony through the inventions of hybrid languages. My research interests include Postcolonial literature and theory, literary criticism, Writing Across Curriculum, Assessment Design, African American literature, World literatures, and Contemporary African politics.

Recent Publications

  • Moussa Issifou, , , , , , , , , (2017). ("Victims' Narratives Versus Perpetrators' Testimonies: Understanding Violence Against Women in Armed Conflicts in Africa"). In Dr. Pauline Ada Uwakweh, ( African Women Under Fire: Literary Discourses in War and Conflict) 1, pp. 216. Lexington Books.
  • Moussa Issifou (2013). (“Beyond the Language Debate in Postcolonial African Literature: Linguistic Hybridity in Kojo Laing’s Woman of the Aeroplanes”). In Itibari M Zulu, (5) 6, pp. 46 - 62. The Journal of Pan African Studies .