Amy Schwartzott

Assistant Professor

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Frazier Hall 210
Ph.D.Art History / University of Florida
MAArt History / The State University of New York At Buffalo
B.A.Behavioral Science / Drew University


Dr. Schwartzott received her Ph.D. from the University of Florida in 2014. An ethnographic investigation of recyclia utilized by Mozambican artists is presented in her dissertation, Weapons and Refuse as Media: The Potent Politics of Recycling in Contemporary Mozambican Urban Arts. This research resulted in a Centre for Conflict Studies Fellowship and Fulbright awards. Recently authored in journals include Dialogues with Mozambique, Readings and Approaches on Mozambican Studies; Tydskrif vir Letterkunde; Critical Interventions. She is an Assistant Professor of Art History at NC A&T State University and the Curator of University Galleries.

Research Interests

Dr. Amy Schwartzott’s research interests are firmly rooted in her dissertation, Weapons and Refuse as Media: The Potent Politics of Recycling in Contemporary Mozambican Urban Arts. This ethnographic investigation of recyclia utilized by Mozambican artists, as well as ongoing fieldwork since 2008 provide the foundation for Dr. Schwartzott’s primary research interests that include African art, contemporary African art, artists who use recycled materials as media (both African and global expressions); religion in art

Recent Publications

  • Amy Schwartzott , , Amy Schwartzott , (2020). (“Unraveling and Welding Together: War’s Transformative Influence on Contemporary Mozambican Art,” ). In Chérie Ndaliko and Samuel Anderson, (book chapter) ). The Art of Emergency: Aesthetics and Aid in African Crises/Oxford University Press Publication.
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  • Amy Schwartzott, Amy Schwartzott (2018). (“Healing the Pain of War through Art – Mozambique’s Grassroots Approach to Post-Conflict Resolution: Transformação de Armas em Enxadas/Transforming Weapons into Plowshares”). In Paula Meneses, Bjørn Bertelsen, and Sheila Khan, (book chapter: in Dialogues with Mozambique: Interdisciplinary Reflections, Readings and Approaches on Mozambican Studies) ). Brill Publishers, Leiden.
  • Amy Schwartzott, Amy Schwartzott (2016). (Waste not, Want not? Investigating Economic Frameworks of Garbage as Media in Contemporary Mozambican Urban Art.”). In Jordan Fenton/Sylvester Ogbechie , (peer reviewed journal article: Critical Interventions: Journal of African Art History and Visual Culture. Issue on the Economics of African Art ) (2) 10, pp. 193-220 ). Critical Interventions: Journal of African Art History and Visual Culture/Taylor and Francis .
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