Xueying Zhang

Assistant Professor

Xueying Zhang
College of Arts Humanities, Soc Sci

Journalism and Mass Comm

Crosby Hall 122
Ph.D.Communication & Info Sciences / The University of Alabama
MAMass communication / Oklahoma State University
MALinguistics and Applied Linguistics / Beijing Foreign Studies University
B.S.Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language / Beijing Foreign Studies University


Maria (Xueying) Zhang is an Assistant Professor in Department of Journalism and Mass Comm. She earned her Ph.D. from the College of Communication and Information Sciences at the University of Alabama. Her research focuses on strategic communication in public relations and health communication. She teaches courses related to public relations, social media, and research methods. Before entering academia, Maria worked in a national television news website as an editor and reporter in China.

Research Interests

Dr. Zhang conducts research on strategic communication, examining persuasive messaging, crisis communication, public opinions on controversial social issues, and strategic communication on social media. She has published more than 25 journal articles, some of which have appeared in premier peer-reviewed journals, including Mass Communication & Society, Public Relations Review, and Health Communication. She has been actively involved in grant writing with prestigious institutions, such as National Science Foundation as the principal investigator. Her research has been funded by North Carolina A&T State University multiple times. Due to her expertise in communication research, she has been invited to review many manuscripts for top journals, such as Mass Communication & Society, International Journal of Public Opinion Research, and Health Communication.

Recent Publications

  • Ziyuan Zhou, Xueying Zhang (2023). (Enhancing the efficacy of instructing and adjusting information: An exploration of interactivity ad vividness.). Journal of Contingency and Crisis Management.
  • Xueying Zhang (2023). (Intention to participate in social activism activities in response to corporate social advocacy: a third-person effect perspective. ). (30) 1, Mass Communication & Society.
  • Xueying Zhang, Ziyuan Zhou (2023). (Issue attitude on consumers’ reaction toward corporate social advocacy: Examining moderated mediation through cognitive dissonance.). Journal of Communication Management. .
  • Ziyuan Zhou, Xueying Zhang, (2022). (Crisis response strategy manipulation: A systematic review and a test of nuances). (3) 48, Public Relations Review.
  • Xueying Zhang, Lu Tang (2022). (Cultural adaptation in HPV vaccine intervention among racial and ethical minority population: a systematic literature review). (5) 36, pp. 479-493. Health Education Research.
  • Xueying Zhang (2022). (Keeping up appearances: testing a moderated mediation path of self-presentation motives, self-efficacy beliefs, social sharing of fitness records and fitness app uses). (3) 41, pp. 644-654. Behaviour & Information Technology.
  • Xueying Zhang, Mei-Chen Lin (2022). (The Effects of Social Identities and Issue Involvement on Perceptions of Media Bias Against Gun Owners and Intention to Participate in Discursive Activities: In the Context of the Media Coverage of Mass Shootings). (2) 25, pp. 260-281. Mass Communication and Society.
  • Xueying Zhang (2021). (Perceived Media Bias and Intention to Engage in Discursive Activities for Mental Health: Testing Corrective Action Hypothesis in the Context of Mass Shooting News). (14) 36, pp. 1921-1930. Health Communication.
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  • Xueying Zhang, Bijie Bie, Andrew Billings (2017). (Newspaper Ebola articles differ from Twitter updates). (4) 38, pp. 497-511. Newspaper Research Journal.
  • Xueying Zhang, Kim Baker, Sarah Pember, Kim Bissell (2017). (Persuading Me to Eat Healthy: A Content Analysis of YouTube Public Service Announcements Grounded in the Health Belief Model). (1) 82, pp. 38-51. Southern Communication Journal.
  • Xueying Zhang, Shuhua Zhou (2016). (Empower me and I’ll Like you: Users’ Experience on Facebook and Reaction to Ads. ). (1) 8, pp. 46-68. Asian Journal of Information and Communications.
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