Karen Terrell Jackson

Assistant Professor

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
College of Education

Leadership Studies & Adult Ed

Proctor Hall 142
B.S.Chemistry / The University of Southern Mississippi
MEDEducational Curriculum and Instruction (CIS Math) / The University of Southern Mississippi
Ph.D.Educational Research and Policy Analysis / North Carolina State University

Research Interests

Systems and Innovation Theory, Organizations and Leadership, Policing, Community Colleges, STEM

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Recent Publications

  • Sylvia Burgess, Ernest Cuthbertson, Karen Jackson, Forrest Toms (2018). (Community Engagement: Using Feedback Loops to Empower Residents and Influence Systemic Change in Culturally Diverse Communities). In Scott Wituk, PhD, (2) 9, pp. 21 ). Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice.
  • Maya Corneille, Karen Jackson, Anna Lee (2020). (Developing Culturally and Structurally Responsive Approaches to STEM Education to Advance Education Equity). (1) 89, pp. 48-57 ). The Journal of Negro Education.
  • Karen Jackson, Anna Lee, Penny Wallin (2017). (Educators Voices from Integrated Writing and Problem Solving Common Core Workshop). (3) 2, ). Journal of Research Initiatives.
  • Lisa Bass, Karen Jackson, Matthew Militello (2013). (How Data Are Used and Misused in Schools: Perceptions from Teachers and Principals.). (3) 2013, pp. 98-120 ). Education Sciences.
  • Karen Jackson (2014). ( Innovation in Education: Mastery Learning and Computer-based Technology in Developmental Mathematics). ). Learning Matters/Durham Technical Community College.
  • Thomas Alsbury, Karen Jackson (2013). (Teacher Perspectives of Reform in a Small, Rural American School of Historically Finnish Culture: Cultural Transformations). In E. Limonene & R. Nevalainen, (In E. Limonene & R. Nevalainen (Eds.),Transforming Teachers' Work Globally: In Search of a Better Way for Schools and Their Communities) ). Sense Publishers.