Karen Terrell Jackson

Assistant Professor

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
College of Education

Leadership Studies & Adult Ed

Proctor Hall 142
B.S.Chemistry / The University of Southern Mississippi
MEDEducational Curriculum and Instruction (CIS Math) / The University of Southern Mississippi
Ph.D.Educational Research and Policy Analysis / North Carolina State University

Research Interests

Systems and Innovation Theory, Organizations and Leadership, Policing, Community Colleges, STEM

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Recent Publications

  • Karen Jackson, Sylvia Burgess, Forrest Toms, Ernest Cuthbertson, Karen Jackson, Sylvia Burgess, Ernest Cuthbertson (2018). (Community Engagement: Using Feedback Loops to Empower Residents and Influence Systemic Change in Culturally Diverse Communities). In Scott Wituk, PhD, (2) 9, pp. 21 ). Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice.
  • Karen Jackson, Penny Wallin, Anna Lee, Karen Jackson, Penny Wallin, Anna Lee (2017). (Educators Voices from Integrated Writing and Problem Solving Common Core Workshop). (3) 2, ). Journal of Research Initiatives.
  • , Karen Jackson, Karen Jackson (2014). ( Innovation in Education: Mastery Learning and Computer-based Technology in Developmental Mathematics). ). Learning Matters/Durham Technical Community College.
  • Matthew Militello, Lisa Bass, Karen Jackson, Matthew Militello, Karen Jackson (2013). (How Data Are Used and Misused in Schools: Perceptions from Teachers and Principals.). (3) 2013, pp. 98-120 ). Education Sciences.
  • Thomas Alsbury, Karen Jackson, Thomas Alsbury (2013). (Teacher Perspectives of Reform in a Small, Rural American School of Historically Finnish Culture: Cultural Transformations). In E. Limonene & R. Nevalainen, (In E. Limonene & R. Nevalainen (Eds.),Transforming Teachers' Work Globally: In Search of a Better Way for Schools and Their Communities) ). Sense Publishers.