Niroj Aryal

Associate Professor - CAES

Niroj Aryal
College of Ag & Environ Sciences

Natural Resources & Environ Design

Sockwell Hall 120
Ph.D.Biosystems Engineering / Michigan State University
Ph.D.Environmental Engineering / Michigan State University
M.S.Biosystems Engineering / Michigan State University
B.S.Agricultural Engineering / Tribhuvan University


Dr. Aryal has a bachelor's in agricultural engineering from Tribhuvan University in Nepal, a post graduate diploma in environmental education and sustainable development from Kathmandu University in Nepal, a master’s in biosystems engineering from Michigan State University and a doctorate in biosystems engineering and environmental engineering from Michigan State. After earning his doctorate in 2015, he worked as a post-doctoral researcher in hydrology and water quality at the USDA's Delta Water Management Research Unit. He has published several research papers in reputable journals and presented at the national and international conferences.

Research Interests

Water quality and hydrology, phytoremediation, watershed management, emerging pollutants, agricultural conservation practices, stormwater management, BMPs, ecological engineering, classroom instructional techniques, engineering education

Recent Publications

  • Jonae Wood, Niroj Aryal, Kiran Subedi (2023). (Wastewater treatment using plants- processes). (21) 15, Water.
  • Arjun Kafle, Anil Timilsina, Asmita Gautam, Kaushik Adhikari, Anukul Bhattarai, Niroj Aryal (2022). (Phytoremediation: mechanisms, plant selection and enhancement by natural and synthetic agents). (100203) 8, Environmental Advances.
  • Zepei Tang, Jonae Wood, Dominae Smith, Arjun Thapa, Niroj Aryal (2021). (A review on constructed treatment wetlands for removal of pollutants in the agricultural runoff). (13578) 13, Sustainability.
  • Emma Martin, Ian Goodwin, Rebecca Cooper, Niroj Aryal, Michele Reba, Jenifer Bouldin (2020). (Assessing mitigative properties of vegetation in Northeast Arkansas Agricultural Ditches on sediment and nutrient loads). (107613) 320, Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment.
  • Claire Baffaut, Sapana Lohani, Allen Thompson, A Davis, Niro (2020). (Evaluation of the Soil Vulnerability Index for artificially Drained cropland across Eight Conservation Effects Assessment Project Watersheds). (1) 75, pp. 28-41. Soil and Water Conservation.
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