Reza Tahergorabi

Associate Professor

Reza Tahergorabi
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College of Ag & Environ Sciences

Family and Consumer Sciences

Carver Hall 171- B
PostdocPostdoctoral Fellow / Purdue University
Ph.D.Animal and Food Science / West Virginia University
PostdocPostdoctoral Research Associate / Oregon State University, Seafood Research and Education Center
M.S.Natural Resources Engineering (Fisheries) / Tehran Azad University
B.S.Fisheries Engineering / University of Sistan and Baluchestan

Research Interests

Oleogels, hydrogels, and bigels
Edible coatings
Fried Foods
Plant-based seafood

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Recent Publications

  • N Mahmud, J Islam, W Oyom, K Adrah, S Adegoke, Reza Tahergorabi (2023). (A review of different frying oils and oleogels as alternative frying media for fat-uptake reduction in deep-fat fried foods.). (11) 9, pp. e21500. Heliyon.
  • M Hashemi, M Aminzare, H Hassanzadazar, S Roohinejad, Reza Tahergorabi, Bekhit AEA (2023). (Impact of sodium alginate-based film loaded with resveratrol and thymol on the shelf life of cooked sausage and the inoculated Listeria monocytogenes.). (12) 11, pp. 7855-7869. Food science & nutrition.
  • S Hosseini, M Pero, Z Hoseinabadi, Reza Tahergorabi, S Kazemzadeh, R Santos Alemán, J Abrahan Marcia Fuentes, I Montero Fernández, D Calderon, X Feas Sanchez (2023). (Sous-vide processing of silver carp: Effect of processing temperature and cold storage duration on the microbial quality of the product as well as modeling by artificial neural networks.). (3) 18, pp. e0246708. PloS one.
  • K Karimzadeh, Reza Tahergorabi, A Zahmatkesh (2023). (Synthesis of spirulina loaded chitosan nanoparticles from prawn, Macrobrachium nipponense shell for extending the shelf life of pike-perch (Sander lucioperca) fillet during refrigerated storage.). (1) 103, pp. 92-107. Journal of the science of food and agriculture.
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