Derrick J Coble

Assistant Professor

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
College of Ag & Environ Sciences

Animal Sciences

B.C. Webb Hall 229B
Ph.D.Genetics / Iowa State University
M.S.Animal Health Science / North Carolina A&T State University
B.S.Animal Science (Animal Indust) / North Carolina A&T State University


Dr. Derrick J. Coble is the Swine Specialist in the Department of Animal Sciences. He obtained his B.S. degree in Animal Science in 2005, and his M.S. degree in Animal Health Science in 2007. Both of these degrees were awarded by N.C. A&T State University. In 2013, he obtained his Ph.D. in Genetics (Animal Science) from Iowa State University. He returns to N.C. A&T from Florida A&M University where he spent 3 and a half years as an Assistant Professor in the Animal Science program. As a Greensboro native, graduate of Dudley High School, and lifelong Aggie, it is Dr. Coble’s absolute pleasure to return to N.C. A&T State University and serve the members of this community and the state.

Research Interests

Dr. Derrick J. Coble’s past research has evaluated the effects of heat stress and microbial infection on the global gene expression of immune and metabolic tissues in livestock by employing both qPCR and RNA-seq analysis. His research at Florida A&M University studied the effects of early weaning on stress levels and immunocompetence in livestock by assessing blood protein and cytokine levels. He is currently interested in the impacts of alternative finishing diets on production traits, and the metabolic and immunological transcriptomes of pigs from distinct genetic backgrounds. He is also interested in the effects of rearing environment (indoor, commercial vs. outdoor, alternative) on gene expression of different breeds of pigs.

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Recent Publications

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