Sydney Davis Richardson

Associate Professor

Sydney Davis Richardson
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College of Education

Leadership Studies & Adult Ed

Proctor Hall 144
Ph.D.Educational Studies / University of North Carolina at Greensboro
MAEnglish and African American Literature / North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
B.A.Political Science / University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Dr. Sydney Richardson has over fifteen years in higher education work. She began her time in higher education as a Writing Center Director and English Instructor. From there, she has worked as an Assistant Professor of Education with an Affiliate faculty position in Women and Gender Studies; a Dean of Adult Education; a Dean of College and Career Readiness; and Department Chair of Leadership Studies and Adult Education. Dr. Richardson currently serves as Associate Professor of Leadership Studies. Her research covers two areas: 1) gender, work, and leadership development, specifically in the United States, and 2) educational equity and access in non-traditional environments.

Dr. Richardson has worked at a small, private institution, a community college, and a public university. She has a B.A in Political Science; a M.A. in English and African American Literature; and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Cultural Studies, with a Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies.

Research Interests

DEIBJ in Adult Learning Spaces
Narrative Research; Counter-storytelling
Women Entre-employees
Authentic Leadership
Community Leadership

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Recent Publications

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