Odile Joelle Nelly Huchette


Odile Joelle Nelly Huchette
College of Ag & Environ Sciences

Natural Resources & Environ Design

Carver Hall 224B
B.S.Agricultural Engineering / National Superior School of Agronomy and Food Industries
M.S.Agronomy / National Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine

Research Interests

Plant breeding / Crop improvement and Genetic Resources; Plant disease forecasting; Effect of genetic and environment on flavors in plants; Local food production systems

Recent Publications

  • Meeshay Williams-Wheeler, Paula Faulkner, Odile Huchette (2018). (College Students Educating Children and Families on Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Using an Edible Garden). (4) 22, Family Science Review.
  • I Arnault, Odile Huchette, J Auger (2009). (Characterisation of Aroma" Type" in Allium Species According to Their S-alk (en) yl Cysteine Sulfoxides and $γ$-Glutamyl Dipeptides Contents). pp. 171–182. International Symposium on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants-SIPAM2009 853.
  • Odile Huchette, Christèle Bellamy, Rodolphe Filomenko, Blandine Pouleau, S Sedda, Hanu Pappu, others (2008). (Iris yellow spot virus on shallot and onion in France.). (June) pp. 0610–01. Plant Health Progress.
  • S Gianinazzi, Odile Huchette, V Gianinazzi-Pearson (2008). (New outlooks in mycorrhiza applications). pp. 17–19. Proceedings of the COST870 meeting “Mycorrhiza application in sustainable agriculture and natural systems.
  • Odile Huchette, J Auger, I Arnault, Z Barandiaran, V Chovelon, R Kahane, others (2007). (Garlic Cultivation for High Health-Value). (1) 1, pp. 16–20. Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Science and Biotechnology.
  • Odile Huchette, I Arnault, J Auger, C Bellamy, L Trueman, B Thomas, SI Ochatt, R Kahane (2007). (Genotype, nitrogen fertility and sulphur availability interact to affect flavour in garlic (Allium sativum L.)). (1) 82, pp. 79–88. Journal of Horticultural Science & Biotechnology.
  • SJ Ochatt, C Delaitre, E Lionneton, Odile Huchette, EM Patat-Ochatt, R Kahane (2005). (One team, PCMV, and one approach, in vitro biotechnology, for one aim, the breeding of quality plants with a wide array of species). pp. 1038–1067. Crops growth, quality and biotechnology. Helsinki, Finland: WFL Publ. Sci. & Technol.
  • Odile Huchette, R Kahane, J Auger, I Arnault, C Bellamy (2004). (Influence of environmental and genetic factors on the alliin content of garlic bulbs). pp. 93–100. IV International Symposium on Edible Alliaceae 688.
  • Odile Huchette, B Guerber-Cahuzac, L Brouant (2004). (Validation of forecasting systems for downy mildew and Botrytis squamosa in spring sown onion in France). pp. 201–210. IV International Symposium on Edible Alliaceae 688.
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