Nichole L Smith

Associate Professor

Nichole L Smith
College of Education

Admin and Instructional Services

Proctor Hall 230
B.A.English / Appalachian State University
B.S.English, Secondary Education / Appalachian State University
MEDCurriculum & Instruction / University of North Carolina at Greensboro
EDDCurriculum and Instruction / The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Research Interests

Dr. Smith's research interests include improving the reading abilities of K-12 students via leisure reading, family literacy support, summer reading, and supplemental reading programs. Teacher professional development is also a major area of focus. Her current research focuses on teacher and family literacy development and summer learning loss.

Recent Publications

  • Nichole Smith (2020). (Family Literacy Engagement: Parents’ Perceptions of Their Home Learning Practices ). In Keli Garas-York and Laura Klenk, (1) 30, pp. 24 ). Language and Literacy Spectrum.
  • Barbara Butler, Mariel Gomez de la Torre, Nichole Smith, Dawn Waegerle (2018). (Using Literacy Strategies with Middle School ELL Students to Improve their Literacy Skills). In Gilbert Naizer and April Sanders, (1) 5, pp. 17-35 ). Journal of Teacher Action Research.
  • Angela Kern, Teresa Petty, Nichole Smith (2017). (Engaging Students Through a Summer Literacy Experience). In Judith Merz, (5) 83, ). The DKG Bulletin.
  • Nichole Smith, Dawn Waegerle (2016). (Secondary Education and Content Literacy in Inclusive Classrooms ). In Petty, T.M., Good, A., Putman, M., (Handbook of Research on Professional Development for Quality Teaching and Learning) ). IGI Global.
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