Jeff D Wolfgang

Assistant Professor Clinical/Mental Health Counselor

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
College of Education


Proctor Hall 367
B.S.Zoology / The University of Florida
MEDMarriage and Family Counseling / The University of Florida
Ph.D.Marriage & Family Counseling / University of Florida

Research Interests

My research focuses on psychological and emotional effects of trauma on young children and their families. This exploration includes: (a) determining empirically tested culturally-sensitive clinical interventions for pediatric counseling, (b) addressing effects of cultural hegemony in education, (c) investigating the ecological impact of traumatic stress on diverse communities, and (d) the development of multicultural social justice competencies in research methodologies and procedures.

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Recent Publications

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  • Rachel Henesy, Cirecie West-Olatunji, Jeff Wolfgang, Mi Yang, Eunhui Yoon (2017). (Highlighting the Challenges When Conducting Cross-National Studies: Use of Transcultural Theory). (4) 95, pp. 457-464 ). JOURNAL OF COUNSELING AND DEVELOPMENT (JCD).
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