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Professional Science Master in Applied Chemistry and Chemical Sciences

This PSM program in the Department of Chemistry educates the student for a professional career in industry, government, or non-profit organizations. In addition to required graduate-level chemistry courses utilizing chemical and/or biochemical processes and instrumentation, the student will take non-science graduate-level courses from the College of Business and Economics. Each student will be actively involved in exploring and participating in a unique project experience with industry to acquire specific skills and knowledge in support of their individual career aspirations. These may include manufacturing, quality control, biotechnology, or toxicology. The program expertly combines chemistry featuring advanced technical skills with business coursework focused on problem solving and decision making techniques.


Chemical Engineering
Production Chemist
Research and Development
Earning Potential

Senior chemists in the United States take home an average of $75,000 annually with a Master’s Degree.

Salary Range: $41,000 to $120,000


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