College of Science and Technology

College Events


Summer Camps

The Office of Student Success will host summer camps that will provide middle & high school students as well as current CoST Aggies an opportunitiy to engage in instruction and activities that will enhance their STEM knowledge and experience. The goal is to provide students with the necessary tools and resources that will aid in their overall academic success. 


Community Service Projects

One main focus for the college is to expose our students to opportunities to develop into a well-rounded student. The college eagarly encourages every student to participate in community service projects that will enhance their STEM journey.



Innovation Challenges

Innovation Challenges are done to inspire students to think outside the box to resolve real life issues in innovative ways. The college partners with different industry partners to allow students a platform to network with experts in the STEM world and to gain insight from professionals. Students work in teams to deliberate a design that will produce best results based on given prompts and a certain timeline to prepare to present. Prizes are won. Knowlesge and experience is gained.

Lobby Days

Lobby Days for the College of Science & Technology will be held regularly to ensure students get direct access to industry leaders and learn of the experiential opportunities the STEM world has to offer. Students are encouraged to participate in these events and gain valuable experience by: Networking with industry professionals, Having(developing) a current professional resume, Gaining critical insight into STEM roles within companies and corporations relevant to their majors and personal goals.

Lunch & Learns

As a way to connect companies with our students, the college will host a series of Lunch-n-Learns where industry partners create an intimate enviornment and allow students to learn about the company and current opportunties. Companys sponsor lunch for all guest students to help create a great Aggie Pride experience.

Workshops & Seminars

The Office of Student Success, along with faculty throughout each department, will host different workshops and seminars that are geared towards academic and professional excellence. Each event will have well qualified leaders that can help groom this next generation of STEM leaders.   

SciTech Week

The College of Science & Technology will host its annual SciTech Week. This is a time when middle, high school and college students ineteract and celebrate all the STEM has to offer. Students will get an opportunity to connect with faculty & staff, student organization leaders, and industry professionals. This week long event will include:

  • Opening Reception & Innovation Challenge
  • Professional Development Conference
  • Young Scientists & Technologists Day
  • Career & Graduate School Expo
  • Explore IT Day
  • Inspiring Minds Men's Summit
  • Women in Science & Technology Conference


Student/Faculty Townhalls

Each semester, the College of Science and Technology hosts student/faculty forums. The forums provide CoST student a platform and space to express their thoughts, questions, and concerns about the academic school year and their experiences with CoST-based courses and instructors/advisors. CoST faculty and staff are encouraged to participate so that the needs of the students can be addressed in a timely manner.