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Welcome to the home of the Information Technology program at North Carolina A&T State University.  Our program is housed in the Department of Computer Systems Technology.  Our niche is mainframe administration and computer networking.   Few programs have expertise in these areas. Students who pursue this major will be able to study and work in the areas of computer networking, computer software and hardware support, disk storage technology, mainframe system administration, network security, information management, mobile computing, and other areas that utilize computers as the main component of the system.

Information technology (IT) refers to degree programs that prepare students to meet the computer technology needs of business, government, healthcare, schools, and other kinds of organizations.  IT is a new and rapidly growing field that started as a response to the practical, everyday needs of business and other organizations. Today, organizations of every kind are dependent on information technology.  They need IT systems in place that work properly, are secure, can be upgraded, maintained, and replaced as appropriate. Employees throughout an organization require support from IT staff who understand computer systems and their software and are committed to solving whatever computer-related problems they might have.

The curriculum combines technical course requirements with general education courses and technical electives.  It includes mathematics courses beyond the pre-calculus level, technical courses that cover fundamental and advanced topics in the computing discipline, and elective courses in areas related to IT careers.  Students take courses in programming, computer networking, mainframe system administration, operating system administration, storage, and many others.  The program also prepares students to receive certification in computer networking which could add $20K to their starting salary. Students who complete this program can have a very promising career, particularly those who pursue careers that support the mainframe.  Every time a person swipes their credit or debit card, the transaction is processed on a mainframe.


Networking Engineer
Computer Systems Analyst
Computer Programmer
Computer Support Specialist
Computer System Administrator
Mainframe System Administration
Information Security Analysts
Information Security Analysts
Information management
Software Developers
Web Developers


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John Deere
First Citizens
Bank of America
Market America
Fidelity Investment
Cisco Systems
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Vicom Infinity


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