College of Science and Technology

Bachelor of Science in Electronics Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Electronics Technology prepares the student to understand the science (application, design, installation, and manufacturing) involved in the interface of various computer and electrical systems. Engineering technology includes a diverse range of sub-disciplines, including applied design, electronics, embedded systems, control systems, instrumentation, telecommunications, and power systems.


Civil Engineering Technician
Unplanned Avionics Technician
RF Engineering Technician
Biomedical Electronic Technician
Electronics Technician, Radar

Earning Potential

Total incomes of graduates in electronics technology incorporate salary plus the potential for bonuses and profit sharing. Location is the biggest factor affecting pay for this group, followed by career duration. Salary Range: $35,000 to $93,000

Hossein A.Sarrafzadeh, Ph.D., Interim Chair
Price Hall