Mary Taylor Presented summer research results at UC, San Diego on Thursday August 12, 2021

Presentation Title: Congeners Derived from MicrotubuleActive Phenylpyrimidines Produce a Potent and Long-Lasting Paralysis of Schistosoma mansoni In Vitro

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Dr. Aleksandrs Prokfjevs received a DOD grant as PI, Project Title 'Structurally Controlled Synthesis of BCN Materials, $450,000 Sep 2021

Dr. Bo Wang received an NSF grant as PI. Project Title: LEAPS-MPS: Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Automatic NMR Metabolomics Data Processing, $196,884 Sep 2021

Dr. Malloy received an NSF grant as Co-PI (PI: Dr. Angela White) Project Title: Broadening Participation Research Project: The Development of a Multidimensional STEM Identity Measure to Increase the Retention and Success of African American Students at an HBCU, $349,893. Sep 2021

Dr. Margaret I. Kanipes received the grant from NIH for $1,059,360 for the project titled "NC A&T ESTEEMED Program" This grant will establish a new Biomedical Sciences/Bioengineering program that will prepare outstanding freshman and sophomore STEM majors for Ph.D.level careers. Aug 2021

Dr. Kuila and Dr. Wang received a DoD grant as Co-PI (Leading PI Vinayak Kabadi) $7,500,000.00. Department of Defense (DoD) Army Research Laboratory (ARL), Center for Detection and Monitoring of Chemical and Biological Threat Agents through Deployment of an Integrated Microengineered Organ Equivalent System, Aug 2021

Dr. Dong (PI) received a grant from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center entitled “A peptide-based biochemically engineered device for environmental recycle of GenX, June, 2021

Dr. Bastakoti (PI) for his new NSF award of $435,000 for Excellent in Research (EIR), June 2021

Dr. Ming Dong (PI) for receiving another grant this time from NSF for $299,429 for her project titled "Research Initiation Award: Redox Regulated Phosphorylation of BCAT by PKC", May, 2021

Dr. Ming Dong (PI) for receiving an NIH grant of $419,600 for three years for her project titled "Studying the ERK phosphorylation of the BCAT protein". April, 2021

The Department of Chemistry is looking for graduate students in both Ph.D and Master levels. Various fundings are available to support graduate students. Please refer to the funding news section to contact the research advisors or check the following parts for more information. 

1, We are looking for Ph.D. students with a strong background in Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, or a related discipline to work on an interdisciplinary research project focused on the development of a multimodal detection platform using an integrated micro-engineered organ equivalent system. A background in metabolism, metabolomics, metabolic biochemistry, cell signaling, and pathway analysis is preferred but not required. Previous experience handling cell culture and wet chemistry lab experiences will be considered as a plus. Experience in programming, data science, and/or computer modeling would be also important but is not required. Strong communication skills, social skills, fluency in spoken and written English, and strong motivation for scientific research are expected. Please contact Dr. Bo Wang (email:; phone: 336-285-2256), Dr. Robert Newman (email:; phone: 336-285-2189) or Dr. Debasish Kuila (email:; phone: 336-285-2239 or 336-285-2243) for more information