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Built Environment Research

The Remote Sensing and Geospatial Science team at the department of Built Environment is seeking highly motivated graduate research assistants to work on the funded projects:

Project 1:  UAV remote sensing for water quality assessment 

Project 2:  Geospatial data analytics for food desert mitigation 

Project 3:  Landslide monitoring and change detection using time-series remote sensing data

Qualifications: Applicants for these positions should hold a degree in engineering, geospatial science, computer science, physics, mathematics or related fields. The candidates are expected to be very motivated, work independently while, at the same time, cooperating with the project team. The support for the RAs includes stipend, tuition/fee, and conference allowance. For inquiries, please send an email to 

2019 / 2023 Current Research Projects


Faculty PI/CoPI/Researcher


Functional characterization of endocrine-disruptor pollutants in endometrial cancer

 Emmanuel Obeng-Gyasi

Looking Forward Pilot Program 
Variability and Predictors of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Exposure in Occupational Settings

 Emmanuel Obeng-Gyasi

BCSP Foundation
Assessment of Sustainable Affordable Housing, Health & Safety Hazards in Urban Low-Income Communities.

Musibau Shofoluwe

Howard University-HUD HBCU Research Center of Excellence
Biotreatment of GenX using combined attached growth anaerobic digester sludge reactors (July 2022-June 2024) Dongyang Dong  NC Collaboratory
Adsorptive removal of short-chain PFAS by electrostatic interaction mechanism (April 2022-April 2023) Dongyang Dong (CO-PI) Chemours
Wastewater Surveillance Through NC Collaboratory (May 2022-Aug 2023) Dongyang Dong NC Collaboratory
Wastewater Surveillance Project (Jan 1 2022-August 2022) Dongyang Dong North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management
Assessment of Barriers to Adoption of Insulating Concrete Form Technology in Residential Housing Musibau Shofoluwe Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Rapid floodwater extent and depth measurements using Optical UAV and SAR Leila Hashemi Beni NOAA Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR)
Soil Dust Ingestion for Children A Modeling and Data Collection Approach Based on Regional and Sociodemographic Differences Alesia Ferguson United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA-STAR)
Wastewater COVID-19 screening in Guilford County School Zones Dongyang Dong Guilford County Department of Public Health
Low-cost Water Quality Monitoring System Leila Hashemi - Beni

Wake Forest University

Evaluating the Transition to 3D Modeling Environment for Bridges Mohammed Mawlana


Combined effect of Allostatic Load and Lead Exposure on Cardiovascular disease Mortality among U.S. Adults Emmanuel Obeng-Gyasi

 NIH/ Washington University St. Louis

Targeting homes with high Lead exposure risks by leveraging big data and advanced machine-learning algorithms

 Emmanuel Obeng-Gyasi


Grant 20-0105 Sustaining Our Neighborhoods Through Transformation Community Modeling Awarded

 Tony Graham

 Habitiat for Humanity of Forsyth County

NSF 2010398: Grant for ICRS 2020 

Dongyang Deng


NC2 Team Sustainable Polymer Nanocomposite.

Dongyang Deng


Grant 20-0105 Sustaining Our Neighborhoods Through Transformation Community Modeling Awarded

 Tony Graham

 City of Greensboro/Habitat for Humanity

Accuracy Assessment IoT Stream Gage

Leila Hashemi Beni

North Carolina Collaboratory

UAV Remote Sensing for Flood Modeling

Leila Hashemi Beni, PI

NSF Research Initiation Award

Data Collection and Data Analytic in support of Flood Management

Leila Hashemi Beni, PI

UNC Collaboratory - Flood Resilience

Initiation for Advanced Geospatial Analysis to Identify Suitable Areas for Renewable Energy Development

Leila Hashemi Beni, PI

Exelon R&D contract

Advanced Geospatial Analysis to Identify Suitable Areas for Renewable Energy Development

Leila Hashemi Beni, PI

Exelon R&D contract

Utilization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle during Disaster Operations

Leila Hashemi Beni, PI

UNC Collaboratory

Student GIS Interns

Peggy Fersner


Broadening Female Participation STE

Andrea Ofori-Boadu

East Coast Construction Services

Beach Exposure & Child Health Study

Alesia Ferguson

Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative

E Cube Research Experience

Dongyang Deng

AEESP Foundation

NOCTI Test Acct

Robert Pyle


Flood Modeling and Management

Leila Hashemi Beni


Professional Identity Development

Andrea Ofori-Boadu

National Science Foundation

Mapping Soil Urban Lead Exposome

Emmanuel Obeng-Gyasi

North Carolina Translational and Clinical Sciences

In-Utero Lead Exposure and Thyroid Hormone Assessment

Emmanuel Obeng-Gyasi

Indiana University

Residential Construction Certificate Program

Andrea Ofori-Boadu

National Association of Home Builders

National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)

Andrea Ofori-Boadu and Robert Pyle

National Association of Home Builders/True Homes/national Housing Endowment

Building Competitive Capacities

Lead PI: Osei-Yeboe, PI, Christian Bock-Hyeng

USDA Rural Business Cooperative Service

Bashir, T., & Obeng-Gyasi, E. (2022). The Association between Multiple Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances’ Serum Levels and Allostatic Load. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health19(9), 5455.

Bashir, T., Asiseh, F., Jefferson-Moore, K., & Obeng-Gyasi, E. (2022). The Association of Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Serum Levels and Allostatic Load by Country of Birth and the Length of Time in the United States. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health19(15), 9438.

Babekir, A., Mustafa, S., Obeng-Gyasi, E. (2022) “The Association of Toxoplasma gondii IgG Antibody and Chronic Kidney Disease Biomarkers” Microorganisms

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Obeng-Gyasi ,E., Roostaeri, J, Gibson JM (2021) . Lead Distribution in Urban Soil in a Medium-Sized City: Household-Scale Analysis. Environmental Science & Technology 

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Ofori-Boadu, A.N., Ofori-Boadu, V., Vanderpool, J. & Deng, D. (2020). Nascent Professional Identity Development in Freshman Architecture, Engineering, and   Construction Women. Conference proceeding of the 2020 Virtual American Society for Engineering Education   (ASEE). (June 21- 24, 2020).   Available at:

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Soil Dust Ingestion for Children A Modeling and Data Collection Approach Based on Regional and Sociodemographic Differences - Dr. Alesia Ferguson (PI) - funded by United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Research Study On Children's Dust Ingestion | Dirt-child

This website called dirt-child is about recruiting and informing participants and researchers about EPA funded study to look at soil, dust ingestion for young children


Labs and Facilities

Dr. Mohammed Mawlana - Construction Research Lab - price 112 L, Visualization and Collaboration Lab - Smith 4007

Dr. Leila Hashemi Beni-Photogrammetry and GIS-Price 105

Dr. Dongyang Deng: Water Quality Analysis Lab-JSNN Lab 106

Dr. Andrea Ofori-Boadu-Cement and Concrete Materials Lab

Dr. Emmanuel Obeng-Gyasi- Environmental Health and Disease Lab- Hines Hall 313

Geomatics Lab: All Geomatics Facility: Price 112

Soil Testing Lab: Price Hall-Mainly for Classroom Instruction-Price 111

EHS and Construction Teaching Labs-Price 115

3D Computer Room: Smith 4007

EBEW CENTER Transforming Women Participation in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Professions. 

The mission of the Emerging Built Environment Women (EBEW) Center is to advance educational and institutional transformations that enhance the early awareness, attraction, interest, preparation, and persistence of girls and women into AEC professions through research, outreach, and education.

In 2019, Dr. Andrea N. Ofori-Boadu, an Associate Professor with the Department of Built Environment (BLTE) within the College of Science and Technology (CoST) at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University received a National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award. The overall goal was to inform and implement educational and institutional transformations towards strengthening women participation in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) professions. Therefore, the research objective was to understand professional identity development processes in undergraduate AEC women. The educational objective involved engaging undergraduate women in the year-round AEC Professional Development Program. The outreach objective involved the establishment of the EBEW Center to provide resources and support to girls and women with AEC career interests, while disseminating research findings to advance educational and institutional transformations.  Additional details are available at this link:

Our project webpage can be seen here

The EBEW Center is located in Room 113 Price Hall in the Built Environment Department.