Brooks Brown Lounge

Much of what takes place in the Martin Complex by way of teaching and learning, creation and innovation will take shape in informal settings that naturally bring people together. Settings like the Brooks Brown Lounge.

brown-web.pngComfortably situated on the 3rd floor of the complex, the lounge is a glass-walled space located in the midst of study area commons. The room comfortabaly seats six and includes full videoconferencing capability to enable a small group at A&T to collaborate with colleagues in different states, in different nations -- even on other continents. Meanwhile, the glass walls allows users to maintain a connection to classmates outside the lounge, facilitating the feeling of togetherness and support that so strongly characterizes the A&T experience.

Appropriate for both informal study groups, virtual interviews for a summer practicum or first job or a planning meeting for an event being co-hosted with a group outside the university, the Brooks Brown Lounge is conveniently located, beautifully furnished and ready to host your gathering.